• Small Women Wallet Genuine Leather Bifold Purse with ID Window 

Small Women Wallet Genuine Leather Bifold Purse with ID Window

Product Description

womens leather wallet

For the modern woman, it is essential to have a wallet that helps you keep your items secure while still adding to that sense of style in you.

At Sendefn, we aim to do this.

Small Leather Wallet

Womens Leather WalletsWomens Leather Wallets

Keep your identity safe when heading out the door with our Women’s Leather Bi-Fold RFID Wallet!

These days the modern criminal hides virtually and can rob you of your identity without you even knowing about it.

There are chips on our credit cards, debits cards, and IDs that contain vital personal information that is meant to be private to you.

Cybercriminals have the ability to rob you of this information anytime they please.

But our women’s wallet will make cybercriminals never have access to your personal information.

RFID blocking material puts a stop to any attempt to attain your personal information so you can enjoy your day!

SENDEFN Women WalletSENDEFN Women Wallet

Small but Compact

womens walletwomens wallet

Unique Sunflower Button

The sunflower button is the symbol of the Sendefn wallet, and we

have the design patents for this button of sunflower.

Small but Plenty Rooms

Did you notice this wallet has a greater function? It's small but plenty of rooms are available which carries all cards, and other paper or laminated cards.

Free Gift Box

Receiving along side a wonderfully made box is used for packaging which is very suitable as a gift for your loved ones or as a present for a birthday, anniversary, or even a Christmas present, that would be lovely.

Small Womens WalletSmall Womens Wallet

Getting your personal wallet you can carefully handle and move about with is a great idea. Not just getting any wallet, but a wallet with top-quality material, RFID wallet blocker, and can carry all important stuff needed in your daily life routine.

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